"The International U2 Tribute Band "


There are very few truly global bands with the longevity and volume of hits as the mighty U2. Since their rise in the early 80s they have consistently released hit after and they are without doubt, one of the biggest stadium filling live acts around.  The passion, talent and power of this band is legendary.

U2Baby capture the unique sound of U2 as well as the look, covering every detail. If you close your eyes they really are U2.  Not that you’d want to miss the fact that these guys even look like U2 with accurate costumes and best of all, our Bono sings exactly like the real thing and puts on a great show with star swagger.

One look at the band’s live videos will show just how good and close to the real thing U2Baby are.  This is a real labour of love for the guys who really love the band they pay tribute to.  They have created something that even the most dedicated U2 fans have described as “breathtakingly real”.

A truly international band with theatre, festival and club gigs at home and abroad they recently blew the crowd away, performing at the incredible Mad Club in Lausanne, Switzerland, one of Europe’s top night clubs.  They are equally at home at large festivals playing to audiences of 1000s, where more than one have said they felt it was the real U2 on stage due to the “careful attention to detail”.

U2Baby are the band that were selected to play at the Church in Dublin as part of the U2 40th Anniversary Celebrations in 2016.  Furthermore they have also been selected to return to Dublin in July 2017 to play the after-show parties for the U2 Fans Group on the same weekend that the real U2 are playing at Croke Park.